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Animation Explanation Video

$195.00 $165.00

    Selling Your products on Amazon, eBay you need to provide maximum short and explaining information about your product in limited time.

    That’s why we suggest you to have an Explanation Animation Video of your product in order to touch the Customer , thrill him and lead to buy.

   Here we create explainer video animations for businesses to promote your idea, service or product in an engaging way, keeping the audience focus while we present their whole idea.

Get your own Explainer Video today!

With our Video Explanation Service you will get:

30 sec of the Explanation Video of your product. If the video should be longer it can be discussed in person and quoted for on an individual project basis.
– Number of images which can be used in on-line and in promotional materials (product’s description, catalogues, flyers etc)
– All the usable files meeting requirements of Amazon, so that you could start boosting your sales instantly
– 3 or more rounds of revisions until you are fully satisfied with the result
– Personal Assistant who takes care of your Project
6 month guaranty period if you want to change, add or enhance something

We make video to present the Idea worldwide !

Take a look at our work examples

Cycling Bottle Video
Photocamera Fast Clip
SMART CITY Technologies, Interactive Parking Solution
Bathroom accessory
Captain Dog Animation

We start working on the project within 3 business days after payment:

  • – You provide us with the product;
  • –the brief (scenario);
  • –info how many seconds/minutes the video should lasts;
  • –wishes to view, background etc.  – up to 5 days business days.
  • – Our video producers and animators create the Explanation video  – 5-7 business days (depending on the quantity of video’s length) .
  • – After confirmation You will receive Your Explanation Video with number of images which can be used in promotion materials  – 1 business days.


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