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App Development

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We develop and create a mobile Application website for mobile devices.
Mobile App is called to attract new customers (using mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc.), and hold existing ones, to increase the volume of sales.
We propose complex software products that provide your customized mobile application platforms iOS and Android with unique design and own name .

Remember !!!: When consumers go to a supermarket or a store, or buy on-line, they do not see an innovative product or a tasty item of food. What they see is the packaging.

The majority of buying decisions are made in front of the shelf!

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We provide for your consideration the proposal to create a Mobile App for your business. Or to make your website responsive and greatly visible on all the smartphones and tablets.

Mobile App for will help you to differentiate themselves from competitors, improve service levels and customer loyalty. If you are in doubt of whether you need to develop a mobile application, let’s take a closer look at:

  • easy navigation; search by application;
  • structured catalog of services;
  • portfolio of works by artists of the salon (e.g. manicure, hair and makeup);
  • the location of the salon, photo salon and staff;
  • communicate with beauty in one click;
  • feedback and comments; sharing in the social network;
  • personal study; push notifications;
  • appointments and reservations online;
  • API interface to transfer and synchronize data from the primary site and external resources.


Make Your right decision and we do the rest!


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We start working on a project within 1 business days upon payment/deposit arrangement:

–  You should provide brief (logo style and colours preferences or other special requirements when applicable)– 1-2 business day

– We come up with 3 App design variants designed accordingly to the brief – 5-7 business days

– You choose the App design sample that you like the most and we proceed working on it, bringing to perfection, being receptive to your feedback at every stage – 2-3 business days