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Amazon SEO and Marketing Services

$125.00 $75.00

We help you with SMM strategy services — advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
for brands and products on Amazon, Etsy, eBay

Сreation of official pages from scratch/ profiles on Facebook and Instagram
for Private Label, TM, brands on Amazon

Launching of advertising campaigns, offers with coupons for
the promotion of keywords on the first page on Amazon

Creating, maintaining and promotion of the pages in Social networks

We offer services for the Сreation of official pages from scratch/ profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
for Private Label, TM (Trademark), Company where will be publications of several of your products in case if you have the product line or product group.

Posts (so-called page maintaining) are made with such regularity and quantity that we agree with you (usually 1-2 posts/day).
Maintaining and promotion (Setting up and Launching ad campaigns) the pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter allows you to increase naturally the number of followers and potential buyers.

Publications are done in a variety of topics. The first month is a month of experiments, we make various postings
and see which will have the best effect for you and for your audience.
At this point in time the audience should be already assembled, or we are assembling an audience with these posts.

Launching of advertising campaigns, offers with coupons for the promotion of keywords on the first page on Amazon

Launching of advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram is a necessity if you want to improve sales, if you want to get target traffic for listing, or if you want to use the promotional method.
Launching an advertising campaign, the cost will include the development of a graphic image and directly writing accompanying texts (that is, the full launch of the campaign), monitoring the cost of the click, analyzing the effectiveness of the audience.

If your main goals are promote, but profit growth, then for this period of time we will need access to your listing so that we can see how many customers (sales) the launched advertising campaign generates.
This allows us to change the audience quickly and «tune» ad campaigns correctly to improve efficiency. As an option, you can provide daily data, especially during the first 4-7 days. First 4-7 days we check, experiment and find the right audience for you.

Contact us and we will coordinate the necessary volume of services, terms of implementation and
we will form the final cost and get down to work!

We start working on a project within 2 business days upon payment arrangement:
1. You provide short brief for page cration, like
– telephone numbers,
– Company name, 1 business day
– e-mail,
– short info about your product or company etc.
2. We perform analysis of your clients and your competitors to ensure choosing the best design direction – 1 business days
3. We come up with the created pages, first posts, images, assembled target groups etc – within 2 business days
4. We coordinate the following page maintaining and promotion


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